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Our team consists of a bunch of dreamers. Creative, weird performers. We love to make stuff!
Together we bring Pansectirapti, Dragons, Butterflies, Flowers, and Fairies to life!





In the Making of our Dragons, our latest project, the following people joined:

Jana Jo Lila
Suzanne van der Hoorn
Raymond Olde Olthuis
Floris Choi - Pasma
Leo Logisch
Merlijn Toussaint
Denise Broekhuizen
Alex Le Heux
Sofie Sneek
Ivon Langeweg
Jolijn Calle
Pepijn Jasper Le Heux
Agnes Jasper

And with an even bigger team, we bring these creatures to the streets and to your event!

We also like to thank:

Pa en Ma, Frances de Jong, Sita van Sante
Marieke de Bruin, Jolinde Nijland
Lot Dankers, Timme Van der Meulen
Houk van Lier, Merit van Gelder
Vanessa Kurth, Jelleke Jorritsma
Joan Berger, Charlotte Poppelaars
Simanto Dragtsma, Robert Folkerts
Serpil Cantay, Dreggan Naga, Daphne Schaffers
Sara del Barrio, Judith Hermarij
Anika Vervloet, Pim Schrier, Gea Mulder
Lucie Pokorna, Gonda Vrieling, Astrid van Stijn
Lili Kok, Adrienne Csanadi
Melanie Schram, Rana Kikker
Karin Evaline Vesseur, Irma Akasister
Barbara Droog, Larissa Quaak
Ricardo Bornweird, Femke Ravensbergen
Ellen Boon, Mathilda Baynes-Jonker
Fiona Anna, Carli Kooper, Janneke Schotanus
Janneke Seisener, Natasja van Amsterdam, Lucia Sierra
Ben van Koert, Ben Anbeek, Kathleen Zuidema
Lisa-Marie Vermeulen, Misha Hoo, Jeroen Stevens
Marcel "Dr. Mad" van 't Hof (R.I.P.)

etc for being there, or having been with us!



* * * * *

Eric Oaktree, Ronald Vos, Erik Dignum, Stecor Fotografie, Frans Beljaards, Maarten Thijs, Amaury Miller, Niels de Vries, Chee Janssen, Reinoud van Leeuwen, Bas van der Linden, Kees Stavers, Philip Romeyn, Richard Verdegaal, Amber Laguz, Luc de Dooij, Jurgen de Boer, Wendy Steenmans, Marianne van der Pheil, Sacha Schalkwijk, Pierre Jacobs, and lots of other AMAZING photographers, tell me if you want your name on here and we forgot !!

* * * * *

And now, for a poem and a picture:





"Mirror / Make-Up"

The moment of meditation, transformation,
the forgetting of stuff and recalling the magic.... 

This is what the mirror and her mirror moments mean to us;
the hard surfaced glass window, or,
gate to the other side, is true AND magical.
It turns the left into the right,
the dexter(ious) into the sinister,
maybe even, the good into evil...
One can jump through... it is possible!! 

And the makeup,
putting on this "other face"...
this "rite de passage" of turning into someone else,
and being able to move differently,
to act differently,
to grow
in what you'd otherwise wouldn't touch,
trust or turn to.... isn't it amazing? 

It makes us realize nothing is what it seems, now, is it...?

MEDUSA is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and is headed by Agnes Medusa Jasper.

We have been growing since 2003, and are loving every second of it!

We like to be inspired by your plans, and to work with you towards a suitable atmosphere for your event!

Please contact: Agnes Medusa Jasper

phone: 06-24668363

Find us on Facebook

Medusa's World
Flames of Chaos

KvK nr.: 34188297
Btw nr.: NL.131854458.B01





* * * * *

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Television: Vara, Bnn, Nps, Rtl 5, RTV UTrecht, Fox, Podium on Tour

Bands: Omnia, The Dreamside, Epica, Within Temptation

Radio: Bnn, RvU




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